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U.S. and Mexico Declare Immigration Deal as Trump Calls Off Tariffs

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The United States and Mexico have met to discuss the dramatic increase in migrants moving from Central America through Mexico to the United States, and have pledged to work together to immediately implement a durable solution. Keep Reading

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The ISIS ‘Honey Trap’ to Catch Recruiter Deso Dogg and the Rogue FBI Translator

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New information from Abu Faisal’s accounts could indicate various scenarios, including that Daniela Greene might have warned Cuspert that he was under FBI investigation. Keep Reading

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// by Bridget Johnson

A 7.7 Midwest Quake? FEMA and Partners Test Response in Shaken Fury Exercises

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While scientists are making strides toward the goal of earthquake forecasting, Shaken Fury tested response mechanisms for a quake with no advanced notice. Keep Reading

// by Rich Cooper

PERSPECTIVE: DHS Is Out of Whack and Needs People in the Trenches to Bring Balance

The national homeland picture is not hanging with the balance it needs to give us real the clarity of our needs, risks and wants to be a risk-resilient republic. Keep Reading

A U.S. intelligence official said a recent wave of attacks in Kabul is “practice runs” for even bigger attacks in Europe and the United States. Keep Reading

// by Bridget Johnson

Cuccinelli Appointed Acting Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Former Virginia attorney general vowed to "zealously safeguard" immigration system "for those who lawfully come here... while deterring fraud and protecting the American people.” Keep Reading

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